// The incubus speaks… Argue with Nox on questions of morality~//


[This is your chance to send your muses to confront Nox on moral grounds. Pick one of these and start a discussion between our muses!

Your friends… What kind of… people are they? I wonder… Do these people… think of you… as a friend?

Your true face… What kind of… face is it? I wonder… The face under the mask… Is that… your true face?

The right thing…what is it? I wonder…if you do the right thing…does it make…everybody…happy?

(Yes these three were from Majora’s Mask)

Does true love exist?

What is the purpose of human existance?

Or come up with your own!

Your muse doesn’t have to know Nox to do this! Come at him! Do your worst!]

// So…//


[It seems that my computer has decided it hates photoshop…

So, I would be willing to trade full-on fanfics or sketch drawings for any sort of art I can use in revamping my blog, if anyone is interested? ^_^]

(Source: littledreamdemon-and-theincubus)

[Meet Julian~! He’s my new Resinsoul Dong boy on a Gang body!]

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